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Qibla Institute

Qibla Institute

Qibla Institute is a trade name/DBA of Talha Islamic Ministry, an official 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with tax exempt status with the IRS. The goal of T.I.M. is to improve the religious worship, education, and well being of Muslim Communities within inner-cities and or underprivileged areas. Qibla Institute is one of the efforts in achieving the aforementioned goal, with a focus on the third aspect i.e. the general well being of the Muslims in underprivileged areas. We hope to accomplish this goal by encouraging self-reliance, financial literacy, health consciousness, entrepreneurship, institution building, etc along with this being heavily coupled with the prophetic teachings that clearly instruct such. Our target audience will be young adults stepping into the work world, business owners who hope to propel their businesses to new heights, people who desire changing their condition from an employee to an employer, etc; however, all are welcomed.

The Life Skills & Self Improvement Seminar for Business Preparedness

Qibla Institute is currently organizing the β€œLife Skills and Self Improvement” seminar in an attempt to meet the challenge of improving the general well being of our community within inner cities and underprivileged areas. The following is a summary of our intent:

Long Term: This seminar is something QI hopes to organize all throughout the US in major cities including but not limited to; Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Newark, Orlando, Montgomery (AL), Dallas, etc.

Short term: We are currently organizing the first seminar that will be conducted in the state of Pennsylvania -if Allah wills. This seminar will be for one day and will consist of several lectures/classes. The topics are as follows:

  • The prophetic encouragement to be entrepreneurial.
  • The prophetic encouragement of being free from the dependency of others.
  • What is a non-profit and the benefits of establishing one.
  • Tips in establishing and maintaining a successful small business.
  • Difference between an LLC and S-Corp and when to transition from one to the other.
  • Understanding the varying business models i.e. LLC, sole proprietorship, S-Corp, C-corp, etc.
  • Tips to administrators of masaajid in maximizing the full potential of their 501(c)3.

These lectures will be aimed at helping community members within underprivileged areas improve their financial situations consequently making them better providers for their families, contributors to their local communities, supporters of those genuinely in need, etc. Although we have a proposed date for the first event, this may change based on need. It is hoped that within 2022 we can establish at least 3 events of this nature in different localities.

Anticipated Expenditures

This event, like any other, cannot be accomplished without the exhausting of wealth on necessary expenditures for its purpose. An overall estimate as yet to be determined; however, the following illustrate the expenditures required to establish the seminar:

  • Venue
  • Event Coordinator
  • Event Staff
  • Audio/visual crew
  • Videographer and crew
  • Equipment Technicians
  • Caterer
  • MC/Host
  • Business Lecturer(s)
  • Hotel Accomodations (for lecturers)
  • Plane Ticket Expenses (for lecturers)
  • Ground Transportation (for lecturers)
  • Food & Drink Allowance (for lecturers)
  • Local Promoter
  • Flier Design & Print
  • Online Advertisement
  • Security
  • Decoration Expenses
  • Refreshments
  • Incidentals


Although these are the expenditures that we immediately perceive will be necessary, we are always open to professional insight with regards to an event of this nature, as we may not currently foresee an expense required to accomplish this goal.


Due to the fact that Qibla Institute is a non-profit organization, and because events of this nature are
costly, we depend on the aid of Allah first, and thereafter the aid, help, and assistance of generous donors/sponsors. Thus whoever would like to help sponsor this event can reach us via email at:
talhaislamicministry@gmail.com Whoever would like to remain anonymous can simply donate to T.I.M. via PayPal or Zelle using the above Gmail account as the recipient.

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Talha Islamic Ministry is an official non-profit organization registered with the state of Maryland. Because of the nature of the organization, T.I.M. depends heavily on the aid of Allah first, and thereafter the contributions of generous donors

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