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Talha Ibn Ubaydillah Community Project


Talha Project

The Talha ibn Ubaydillah Community Project is an initiative T.I.M. has embarked upon that aims to establish the nucleus for a vibrant Islamic community. This nucleus consists of the following:

  •  Masjid/Islamic Center.
  •  School.
  •  2 Transitional Homes (for men and women).
  •  Businesses (to fund these institutes).
  •  Mortuary,
  •  Residential Property Procurement Plan.


T.I.M. views these things to be a vital foundational step in establishing a viable community within the


Initially the city of Detroit was the proposed location for the establishment of this community, due to opportunities unique to Detroit that are not found in other locations. Currently there are over 70,000 abandoned buildings, 31,000 empty homes, 90,000 vacant lots, and 79 closed schools for sale. On account of the multitude of abandoned property there, the cost for purchase of these properties are much lower than in other major metropolitan cities. For example, a house can sell for as low as $1,000, vacant lots for as low as $100, and commercial buildings varying in price. This circumstance denotes the unique opportunities present in Detroit for any group of people seeking to establish a firm foothold within the city

Although the aforementioned opportunities in Detroit are very tempting, these opportunities are strictly related to cost of property and do not take into account the level of crime, local and state regulations as pertains to a venture of this nature, dominant political influence of the state, weather conditions and patterns specific to the locality, and other factors that must be taken into consideration. Likewise there are other cities within the US that have the same opportunities as Detroit, for instance St Louis MO, or East St Louis IL, etc. The fact that there are multiple options in this regard gives us the opportunity of fully analyzing the pros and cons of being in a locality that far exceed low cost of property. For this reason Detroit is no longer the primary focus of establishing an Islamic Village.

Campus Style Community Based Center

This campus-style community-based centre is the immediate focus regarding the Talha ibn Ubaydillah Community Project. This centre will -by Allah’s permission- consist of the following:

Main Prayer Hall: As expected the structure will have within it a large prayer area providing space for room for growth as the community progresses and becomes larger. The prayer area, as expected, will accommodate the religious needs of the community by facilitation of the 5 daily prayers, Friday sermons, traditional Islamic classes for the general community, Quran circles for the children, Eid Prayers during inclement weather, funeral prayers, and similar activities usually performed and or enacted within the prayer area.

Islamic Library: The Library will consist of religious books from ancient and contemporary scholars both in the English and Arabic language.

Play Area: This area will be specific for younger children in order to occupy their time without them being a disturbance for the adult attendees focused on worship or learning.

Of course the Masjid will have necessary administrative areas (i.e. conference room for its admin, office
for the Imam, etc), along with bathrooms, storage area, private room for breastfeeding women,
daycare, etc.

Potential Site Location

The potential location will be an area conducive to establishing an Islamic village. Although areas have been suggested, T.I.M. hopes to organize a think tank to thoroughly research the area’s most favorable to the aforementioned goal. We understand that a major metropolitan area may not be the best option in that regard due to the overwhelming negative influences found therein, likewise on account of the lack of opportunities for space and growth that’s aligned with the overall vision for an Islamic Village. A more ideal area would be a small city/town with a population of less than 100,000, along with a firm infrastructure -i.e. the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. building, roads, power and water supplies) required for the operation of a society-, with large portions of the municipality having undeveloped areas that are up for grabs and easily obtainable.

T.I.M. ardently seeks the aid of Allah in bringing this goal to fruition, and then seeks your assistance. We can be contacted for further information and T.I.M. is currently accepting donations for those who would like to assist financially.

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